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This is a personal 8log for my friends and I, we post our HOMESTUCK porno dumps on here for archive in case.

Don't like it? Don't follow it.

Got a request? We'll try and fill it in if we're interested.

We're okay with mostly anything. Mostly. If we don't accept your request we're sorry 8ut we're also kind of 8usy with other things. :::;(

All the characters we draw are aged-up. Sometimes though we have different headcannons for how their 8odies should look so some characters are more fragile, 8uff, or chu88y than the others.

Like how Karkat is headcanon skinny-average guy and Aradia has huge tits.

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…and so, with an elegant swoop, the towel was whisked away 8efore she had the opportunity or presence of mind to react, and she found herself 8ared 8efore me in her entirety. I’ll admit I found the sight more than a little enticing; her willingness to disro8e at the drop of a needle is legendary, 8ut seeing the girl exposed to me like this was a new and very welcome sens8ion.

My hungry eyes took in the su8tle curve of her 8reasts, the shape of her hips and a8domen, the delightful little pink slit that she tried so desper8ly to hide 8etween her legs. Despite her perverse nature, she seems to turn around so quickly when her control is wrested from her. I looked upwards to find a face flushed red with em8arrassment, and a childish pout…”

Again, please do not 8e offended if we don’t take your request, it’s all for fun right?

There is more than one artist/fanfic erotica writer on this 8log so it really will 8e random posts of EROTIC FICTION/FANART at RANDOM times. 

We all have different pennames to hide our identity except I kind of shitted myself over 8ut whatever who cares.

I am ‘Lucky’ on here, and will 8e signing pictures as such from now on. Artists who are joining me so far are ‘SiNK’ and ‘peeNUT’. I’ll 8e casually re8logging their work or adding it directly if they prefer. 

Fanfiction writer is TraceEx. Noting and linking her erotica fics 8y text nooooooootes.

This message is su8ject to change 8ased on our preferences. LOL.